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Toy Pomeranian puppies are family dogs who are amazingly gentle with children. This precious, sweet-natured breed makes the ideal, faithful companion you need in your life. Are you ready to begin your search among our teacup puppies for adoption? Have a look at our available micro teacup Pomeranian puppies, or contact us for information on our available micro Teacup Pomeranians or the special order option.Pomeranian puppies are as calm, cuddly and affectionate as they are active, playful and independent. Ranked as one of the most popular breeds in the United States for over 30 years, the Pomeranian merits its fame to its big heart, agile mindset and colorful personality. Pomeranians also referred to as Pom, Pom-Pom or Loulou de Pomeranie, is a sweet, clever and charismatic dog. The Pomeranian is a tiny toy- sized dog with an average height between 8 to 11 inches and an average weight between 4 to 7 pounds, with a long straight fluffy coat, tiny raised ears, sparkly dark almond shaped eyes and a puffy long tail.

Appearance and Grooming

They are small, toy-sized dog with wedge-shaped head, almond-shaped dark eyes and tiny and raised ears, sharp pot and long tail carried on the back. The short muzzle is straight and fine. The color of the nose varies with coat color. The coat is longer around the neck and chest area. It can have a variety of coat colors and patterns including red, orange, white, cream, blue, brown, black, black and tan, wolf sable, brindle and white with different colors. With a cottony undercoat regular daily brushing is important to minimize the amount of shedding and tangles. 


This is a very intelligent dog that has an eagerness to learn and shows strong loyalty to its owner and family. It has a docile and affectionate temperament and yet will be playful and energetic when enticed. It shows off its bravery often with strangers, as it will bark at them excessively.

Family and Companionship

They are highly extroverted dogs and love being in the midst of new people and try to make friends with everyone they meet. They do extremely well with children and other pets as they are highly sociable animals. They are also very protective of their owners and they respond very well to training and mental exercises. Due to their size, they prefer being inside than outside. They are well-suited for a large home or apartment life and crave human companionship more than anything else.

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